Why quality is better than quantity

Why quality is better than quantity
We believe using fewer products of high quality is better for your skin, wallet, and shelf space. Using fewer products means less products manufactured, and therefore less waste.

The OM-SE skincare range is made of 100% premium organic plant-based ingredients, each selected for their performance – never to fill out, create texture, colour or scent.

"What you see, feel, and smell is the essence of each exquisite natural ingredient – nothing more, nothing less."

Our products are carefully formulated to deliver a daily dose of essential nutrients and hydration at great value for money.

We include some essential oils in our face oils purely for their skin benefits, not to achieve a seducing fragrance or to cover up natural scents. The highly concentrated essential oils are dosed very low, in fact under 0,2% in total.

All OM-SE products are produced in small batches to achieve supreme freshness and to avoid overproduction, scaling the production directly for bathroom shelves instead of warehouse shelves.