Hydrating Face Mist + Mini Renewing Face Oil
Hydrating Face Mist + Mini Renewing Face Oil
Hydrating Face Mist + Mini Renewing Face Oil

Hydrating Face Mist + Mini Renewing Face Oil


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This magic duo let you say goodbye to day cream, night cream, eye cream, moisturiser, and serum. Suitable for all faces, perfect for dry, sensitive and ageing skin.

  • Build hydration throughout all skin layers
  • Helps fight fine lines and wrinkles
  • Support the skin's microbiome
  • Stimulate skin-cell renewal
  • Promote collagen production
  • Strengthens elasticity
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Sooth UV-damaged skin
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780 SEK   495 SEK
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Details and Benefits

This duo is typically loved by dry and ageing skin. It is also suitable for sensitive skin due to its rich content of soothing nutrients.

Multipurpose & High-performing. Our formulas are packed with a daily dose of essential nutrients and multi-level hydration. We believe in a personalisable and simplified skincare routine. That's why we’ve separated water and oil into two types of products to make it possible for you to create a personalised skincare routine.

Simply modify the proportions of hydration (Face Mist) and nutrition (Face Oil) to match your skin’s current mood and need. 

The bundle includes 1 full-size Face Mist and 1 travel-size Renewing Face Oil—a complete moisture duo for oily & combination skin. Click to read more about each product:

Our gender-neutral and multifunctional products emphasise quality above quantity, using 100% organic plant-based naturally active ingredients, each selected for its performance. Made freshly in Sweden in limited volumes, we minimise overproduction and ensures maximum product potency. 

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How to use (video)

Personalise your routine

Start by trying out the 1–2–3 routine below. Test the quick routine too, then seek and find your perfect set up and make it an essential part of your everyday life.

1–2–3 Routine:

STEP 1: Clean
Apply 2 pumps of the Face Cleansing Oil onto dry face and neck. Massage to fully dissolve all impurities and makeup. Wipe off with a warm wet face cloth.

STEP 2: Hydrate
Mist face with the Hydrating Face Mist after cleansing and blend a few sprays with face oil in the palm of your hand. Use all day on top of makeup to boost hydration whenever your skin feels dry or tight.

STEP 3: Treat
Place 2-6 drops of face oil in the palm of your hand. Usually fewer in the morning and during summer times. Add a few sprays of Hydrating Face Mist on top to help the skin absorb the oil. Rub your hands to blend and distribute the oil evenly, massage or pat your face and eye area.

Quick Routine:

Perfect for busy mornings or simply when you are not in the mood for a ritual.

QUICK-STEP 1: Cleansing
Massage 2 pumps of Face Cleansing Oil over dry face and hit the shower (if you are headed there anyway).

QUICK-STEP 2: Treating
Put a few drops of face oil in the palm of your hand. Add 2–4 sprays of Hydrating Face Mist on top. Rub hands together to blend. Massage your face and eye area.

Freshly Made in Sweden

Fresh Skincare

All OM-SE skincare products are made in Sweden in fresh limited volumes to minimise overproduction and ensure maximum product potency.

We proudly display the best before date on both bottle and box. Because natural and active ingredients perform their best when enjoyed fresh, as they often lose their power over time.

We are challenging the conventional skincare industry by producing fresh skincare with minimal preservatives. Labelling the products with a best-before date (instead of the open jar symbol) secures product potency. By making fresh skincare, we also avoid overproduction, scaling the production directly for bathroom shelves instead of warehouse shelves.


Violett glass preserves and protects

The OM-SE skincare products comes in a premium ultraviolet glass bottle, carefully chosen to protect and improve the quality of the premium content.

Violet glass works like a natural filter and helps preserve the sensitive plant-based natural active ingredients. White-, brown-, green, and even painted glass let rays pass through and don’t offer enough protection against decomposition.

Each Om-SE bottle is printed by hand in Stockholm. The beautiful craftsmanship aside, printing directly on the bottle makes it easier to keep the OM-SE products always looking neat and clean on your bathroom shelf, office desk or in your bag.

All things we do – we do for a reason.