Simplify your routine and get maximum results

Simplify your routine and get maximum results

Personalised skincare cocktail

A cream is a fixed blend of water and oil. When applying more cream it gives you more of everything, not only the part your skin craves. By separating water and oil into two types of products, OM-SE provides you with the tools to create your personal skincare cocktail. We do not need to use emulsifiers – the substance that makes water and oil blend – which can cause unbalance and affect the skin’s natural barrier.

Adaptable products

Simply blend the face mist and face oil in the palm of your hand to create your perfect mix of hydration and nutrition that your skin needs at this moment.

Modify the measurements when conditions change, by adjusting the proportions of hydration and nutrition. Sometimes your skin will want to switch between the different face oils, at varying richness. Cold winter weather, hot summers, dry air-conditioned areas, as well as stress, sleep and hormones impact your skin’s condition and its needs.

For all faces

Skincare ingredients do not know the gender or colour of the skin. Men’s skin is about 20% thicker than women’s, but a man's dry skin is often treated the same as a woman’s. Skincare ingredients do not know the gender of the skin – marketers do. Our product philosophy is to care for all skin using fewer high-quality products in a versatile and personalised way. Cleanse your skin gently. Hydrate it until satisfied. Feed it until pleased. Eat cake on special occasions.

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