Our active take on sustainability

Do more with less

OM-SE means ‘to care for’ in Swedish. We believe using fewer products – each and every single one created with the highest standards and of the highest possible quality – is better for both people and planet. In all ways.

We encourage a more sustainable approach to skincare and distance ourselves from fast-moving beauty trends and never-ending product launches.

Maximum potency, minimal waste

Our premium range is made in fresh small series to secure maximum product potency and to minimize waste. Sustainable production is a vital part of how we keep things running. We build it into our business model at every step along the way.

We strive to never overproduce product. Every single bottle of OM-SE is intended to be consumed, down to the very last drop.

In practice, this means we produce small batches, keep our inventory low, are mindful with free samples, and scale production as and when demand increases.

Mindfully made

OM-SE is produced in Sweden, guaranteeing fair compensation and regulated working conditions, in an ISO-certified facility following top manufacturing practices. 100%, as in absolutely all, of our ingredients have received eco-certification. To minimize our shipping footprint, raw materials of non-European origin are sourced centrally from vetted natural organic suppliers in the EU.

Our violet biophotonic glass bottles are made from natural raw materials and 100% recyclable. The UV-protective glass is particularly chosen for its preservative properties. In other words, the dark glass protects the contents from degrading and aging. Also, glass recycling is widely available. All boxes are manufactured in Sweden using FSC-certified Swedish paper.

Dispensers can be disassembled for recycling or returned to OM-SE for handling.

The OM-SE face cloth is made in Sweden from 100% GOTS-certified linen, a natural long-lasting raw material with a life span of 20-30 years if treated well.

From the inside out

We give our subscribers a reduced price, as recurring orders make our production planning more precise. Well-planned production means no overstock and more fresh products for your shelf. You win. Planet wins. We all win.

Our goal is to constantly refine and improve. To update product formulas instead of launching more, and to only add complementary multifunctional products to our range. 

We understand our power – and responsibility – as producers of products on our planet. We take this work seriously and operate always from the heart, striving for constantly clean consciences. For the good of your skin, and the good of our shared world.