Made in fresh small series to maximise product potency and minimise waste

Made in fresh small series to maximise product potency and minimise waste

We produce our skincare range in an ISO-certified facility located within unpopulated mountain ranges in northern Sweden, together with a production partner with over 35 years of experience handling natural organic raw ingredients.

Fresh products made for your shelf

We want to challenge the way skincare is made by scaling the production directly for bathroom shelves instead of warehouse shelves.

Skincare products are normally formulated with enough preservatives to last up to three years or more on a shelf. Preservatives can be harsh and make your skin react, especially when using many products on top of each other.

Both OM-SE Face Oils and the Cleansing Oil are all without preservatives as bacteria cannot grow in pure oil. However, we added organic rosemary antioxidants to keep the oils from oxidation. The water-based OM-SE Hydration Face Mist contains eco-certified preservatives in order for it to remain safe from bacteria for at least one year.

Best Before date clearly marked on each product

Making fresh skincare is a conscious choice, and we proudly display the best before date on both the box and bottle. 

The hourglass symbol printed on the box and bottle shows the best before month and then the year. Each full-size product is sized to about three month or more if your them every day. So there is plenty of time finishing them up in time.

The BA-row below shows you the number of the exact batch your products come from, making it easy for us to back track it if you have any questions. 


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