It's face oil season!

Treat dry skin with OM-SE Face oil as season changes

Cold weather outside and dry climate inside, there's never been a better time to treat your skin like the king she is.

Both of our face oils are packed with nutrient-rich, 100% organic plant-based ingredients to moisturise and provide healthy-looking skin. In addition, they're multipurpose, fast-absorbing and easy to use.

Dry or aging skin? Our deeply nurturing Renewing Face Oil will be your best friend. Promise!

Or got more oily and combination skin? Don't hesitate! The Balancing Face Oil is pure magic for unbalanced and oily skin. It's filled with anti-inflammatory botanicals (like the finest rosehip, borage, hemp, blackcurrant) and will calm and regulate your skin's own oil/sebum production.  

How to get started using face oils:

✓ Apply 2-6 drops on damp skin or blend with our Hydrating Face Mist in your palm for complete moisture (spread any excess on your hands, cuticles, elbows, hair ends––they'll love you for it).

✓ Works perfectly as a makeup primer. And blend a drop or two with your foundation for extra radiance.

✓ Pat a drop on dry skin to highlight and add glow to selected areas (like over the cheekbones, cupid's bow and under eyebrows).

Reach out if you fancy personal guidance; we'd love that!

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