OM-SE, a new simplified skincare brand with premium natural active ingredients, made for all faces. 

OM-SE, a new simplified skincare brand with premium natural active ingredients, made for all faces. 

The brand OM-SE, which means ‘to care for’ in Swedish, was founded by Jenny and Jacob Huurinainen, with the mission to create high-quality natural skincare that actually works, and to only use ingredients that make a difference for the skin, not for any other reason.

Om-SE Founders Jacob and Jenny Huurinainen

“We´ve selected the highest quality natural ingredients purely based on their performance, all plant-based and certified organic. All ingredients are potent, as many as 17 in one product. No ingredient has the purpose of filling out, creating texture, colour or scent. What you see, feel, and smell is the essence of each natural ingredient. Nothing more, nothing less.” 

The couple wants to challenge the conventional skincare industry by producing freshly made skincare directly available for consumers to use, instead of making long-lasting products aimed for store shelves. Also, labelling the products with a 12 month best before date (instead of the open jar), maximise the product’s potency, as natural active ingredients perform their best when used fresh. 

The flexible nature of the products makes them work for all faces and seasons, as skincare ingredients do not know the gender or colour of the skin. By separating water and oil into two types of products, OM-SE makes it possible to create a personalised skincare routine, simply by modifying the proportions of hydration and nutrition, as you apply them on your skin. The three-step products are easy to use and leave time to do other things in life. The formulas are packed with all the essential nutrients and hydration that skin needs.

“We believe using fewer products of high quality is better for your skin, wallet, and bathroom shelf space. Using fewer products means fewer products manufactured and therefore, less waste.”

OM-SE’s thoughtful packaging with biophotonic UV-glass bottles is chosen for their ability to preserve and enhance the quality of the delicate botanical content. The products are produced in an ISO-certified facility in northern Sweden by a production partner with extensive experience handling natural raw ingredients. The two-year process of product refinement involved an authentic testing community, which led to great feedback and skin results, and a loyal grass-roots following.

Making skincare even more simplified, OM-SE offers a never-run-out-service, giving customers a favourable deal when subscribing to one or more products, simply because it makes the batch-planning more accurate and helps minimise overproduction.

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