OM-SE awarded "Best Organic Skincare Range 2021"

OM-SE awarded "Best Organic Skincare Range 2021"

The Beauty Oscar award, by Scandinavia’s leading beauty editors, highlights the best from Nordic skincare.

This digital award started six years ago in a very bold way and raised attention to good performance in beauty products from the whole world, Agneta Elmegård tells Scandinavian Mind. "Over the years, we found out that many of the good stuff actually either came from Scandinavia or was invented by Scandinavian minds, so we decided to give full attention to Scandinavian brands. There is a lot of good stuff going on in the beauty industry in the Nordic countries and we wanted to highlight that. This year I decided that I want to highlight inventions that have an extra dimension when it comes to sustainability and inclusion with a special award, because there has been such a boom in these segments over the past year. The beauty industry is the new fashion industry and also needs to change in order to prevent a planetary collapse in the future."

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