The first Persona x OM-SE session

Persona x OM-SE event in Stockholm with fine dining finger food inspired by OM-SE's plant-based skincare ingredients

Persona will be creating personalised meal and wine pairings–no business as usual. Founder and culinary director Louis Cespedes, has previously worked as chef for restaurants Frantzén and Adam & Albin. He brings along Jonatan Nyström, also from three Michelin starred restaurant Frantzén, as service manager and partner.

At OM-SE we believe in quality over quantity. Your skin doesn't need a 10-step routine, and the planet doesn't want all that waste. With Persona x OM-SE we wish to make room to meet without launching new products just for the sake of 'newness'.

The first Persona x OM-SE session was an intimate event in our office space. Louis and Jonatan created a food and drink experience inspired by our plant-based skincare ingredients. All prepared and served course by course throughout the evening.

We are already looking forward to our next session after the summer. Let's celebrate the beauty of thinking new!

Plnat-based fine dining finger food at Persona x OM-SE event

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