Healthy Skin in Three Easy Steps

Healthy Skin in Three Easy Steps

Compromise on quantity– not quality

OM-SE's minimalist 3-step routine is the high-performance, natural skincare you look forward to all day to using. Three beautiful bottles contains everything to complete your entire skincare routine.

Are you ready to say goodbye to eye-makeup remover, pre-cleans, face wash, toner, essence, serums, lash serum, brow serum, setting spray, moisturiser, day cream, night cream, and eye cream?

Elevated Everyday Essentials

Three multifunctional products provides your skin with all it needs: protected skin barrier, nourished microbiome, stimulated skin-cell renewal, and naturally balanced complexion. The flexible nature of our range allows you to easily adapt the dosage of hydration and nutrition to fit all seasons, cycles and genders – leaving more time on your hands and less waste for the world.

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Our formulas are packed with a daily dose of essential nutrients and multi-level hydration. We exclusively use the highest quality natural ingredients based on performance, all plant-based and certified organic.

Illustration of OM-SE's no-additive-formulas

Inspired by the FODMAP methodology, we only include ingredients that have a positive impact on skin, and left out all the filler and additive ingredients typically found in skincare care. What you see, feel and smell is the essence of each natural ingredient. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Fresh Skincare

All OM-SE skincare products are made in the north of Sweden in fresh small batches to ensure maximum product potency and minimise waste.

We proudly display the best before date on both bottle and box. Natural and active ingredients perform their best when enjoyed fresh, as they tend to loose their power over time. 

OM-SE's Natural Active Skincare outdoor in Sweden

We want to challenge the conventional skincare industry by producing skincare with minimal preservatives. By making fresh skincare, we also avoid overproduction, scaling the production directly for bathroom shelves instead of warehouse shelves. 

Miron glass

Protective glass with preservative features

All OM-SE skincare comes in a premium ultraviolet glass bottle, carefully chosen to protect and improve the quality of the delicate botanical formulas.

Violet glass works like a natural filter and helps preserve the sensitive plant-based natural active ingredients. White-, brown-, green, and even painted glass let rays pass through and don’t offer enough protection against decomposition.

Each OM-SE bottle-lable is printed by hand in Stockholm. The beautiful craftsmanship aside, printing directly on the bottle makes it easier to keep the OM-SE bottles always looking neat and clean on your shelf.

All things we do – we do for a reason.

OM-SE hydrating face mist

Simplifying skincare (and life) is what we’re all about, so much that we also offer a flexible and non-binding subscription service to guarantee your skincare essentials are always on your shelf. 


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