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Swedish Design Award Nominee For Disruptive Packaging

Swedish Design Award Nominee For Disruptive Packaging
OM-SE's conceptual packaging has just been nominated for the Swedish Design Award. The product design is an essential part of the brand, for the quality and user experience to transfer from shelf to skin.

 "Simplicity is at its best when what's advanced is perceived as intuitive," says Jacob Huurinainen, OM-SE's co-founder and designer, referring to both product and packaging.

Nominated for the Swedish Design Award, the packaging challenges the norm, highlighting all ingredients through thoughtful design. A design intended to amplify the user’s experience and bathroom shelf. 

Voting will start Monday 13th at

OM-SE was founded by Jenny and Jacob Huurinainen, who left the advertising and fashion-world to challenge skincare's fast beauty industry. OM-SE focuses on quality over quantity, producing its plant-based, multifunctional skincare in small, fresh volumes.

Since its launch at the end of last year, OM-SE has been awarded "Best Organic Skincare Range 2021" by Swedish Beauty Editors, and Resumé’s Design for packaging. OM-SE is also available at LYKO, ITSAPARK, Amazon, Lynk&co members clubs, TypeO Loft Hotel, Subjectiveskin, among others.