The skincare routine that saved my unbalanced skin

The skincare routine that saved my unbalanced skin

I struggled with sensitive, combination and acne-prone skin for my whole adult life. I tried every product out there but nothing except hormonal-disruptive medication seemed to work, which on the other hand, impacted my overall well-being.

When having a baby at age 36 and after giving up breastfeeding, my skin was in chaos – again! That’s when I took matters into my own hands and deep-dived into researching skincare ingredients. 

I found I was using too harsh products compromising my skin barrier, and silicon and the wrong types of fatty ingredients caused a shiny T-zone and clogged my pores. I also discovered that some commonly used ingredients in traditional skincare were causing more harm than good. 

Having a 10-month baby at the time, a minimal routine with maximal effect was vital for my skincare routine

Inspired by the FODMAP methodology, I developed skincare formulations exclusively using naturally active and performance-driven ingredients that would benefit the skin. I didn’t dilute the formulas with unnecessary additives. 

After months of refinement, my skin was in natural balance, radiant and healthy-looking for the first time. That’s when my husband Jacob and I decided to start OM-SE to share these products with others. 

I’m proud of the OM-SE skincare range, and the positive feedback from our customers has been overwhelming. Seeing how our products have transformed their skin and boosted their confidence is fantastic.

My skin journey taught me the importance of physically and mentally caring for ourselves. It also showed me that quality and simplicity are key in skincare. By focusing on the essentials and using natural and effective ingredients, we can achieve balanced and healthy skin. 

The name OM-SE comes from an old Swedish word (att omse) meaning ‘to care for’– and that’s what we aim to do for your skin. If you’re looking for a simple and effective skincare range, I hope you give OM-SE a try.

🤍 Jenny Huurinainen, co-founder OM-SE

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